Business, Corporate, & Strategic Plans to raise Finance, Venture Capital & Bank Loans. Profit Improvements Studies,

Guidance in Management Audit, Financial Ratios, Turnarounds

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Business, Corporate, & Strategic Plans to raise Finance, Venture Capital & Bank Loans. Profit Improvements, Management Audit, Financial Ratios, Turnarounds

Please be advised that in every instance where a professional opinion on any matter is sought from BDBD, all opinions will be provided in written form on our letterhead to enable any client to seek a corroborative opinion from their own expert advisors and are always provided by BDBD specifically and exclusively on that basis. Our opinions are provided solely to assist any enquirer to seek appropriate professional guidance from their own local expert advisors and are not, therefore, to be relied upon for operational purposes because we are not in attendance in a regular client relationship.

The Strategic Planning Service for full Research, Analysis & Advice to raise venture capital & debt finance with help in management audit & financial projections

Business Development By Design

Warning:  This is not an all-singing, all-dancing type of website.  Sorry, but it is only about some of my experiences in previous work assignments.  It is really just a series of background notes to my personal work experience plus my present commitments, and is provided to assist anybody who may wish to request a professional opinion on any important matter bothering them at present.

​There are no fancy graphics to amuse or distract you.  Only straight-forward boring text, however, if you are looking for some serious input or assistance to real business problems, them I am ready to assist you if this is at all possible.


Inspirational Guidance:  When you are the engineer in charge and your ship is in danger during a storm at sea when the engines fail, there is only one course of action.  Knuckle down, get to work, and resolve all of the problems.  It is your responsibility, and nobody else's. 

The source of that guidance: My father, formerly a Chief Marine Engineer.

Please note that for Readers whose first language is not English, the option may exist to send your enquiry in your own mother-tongue.  Please see the Contact Details page for guidance about this.

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