​​​Please Note:  Our Fees are always tailored to the circumstances of the Assignment and the Status of the Client.  In situations where Cash Flow is under severe pressure, arrangements can still be made to provide the service required by deferring part of the Fee,​ provided some degree of security is offered.  As a measure of magnitude, our Fees have never been considered to be inflated nor have they been nearly as high as those charged by organisations which do not provide as relevant or as high quality a service nor as appropriate a service as BDBD does.


We only work with a Client under a full Confidentiality Agreement in favour of the Client’s Business so that all aspects of the Business may be scrutinised to ensure that all dimensions are examined and suitably prepared for the Investor’s Due Diligence process.  As a result, we never disclose any aspects of the Client’s business to any external third party unless prior agreement is obtained from the Client, such as when a meeting with a potential investor is anticipated, or, should the Client request us to visit the Client’s Bank with them.  Finally, with regard to such Confidentiality Agreements, we never disclose that we have ever worked with any particular Client after our engagements are concluded.

How Does BDBD Work with A Client:

Business, Corporate, & Strategic Plans to raise Private Equity Finance via Venture Capital & Bank Loans with Profit Improvements studies and full Management Audit, providing Financial Ratios for Control to achieve Corporate Turnarounds.

Please note, that all fees earned by BDBD in situations where Finance is sought from Investors or Lenders, will be clearly stated in such representations to said Third-Parties, so that our involvement is understood and accepted.  Please also note that on a few occasions, when representing a Client in negotiations, the other party has offered inducement to the Principal to agree terms less favourable to his Client.  In all such occurrences, the Principal has immediately accepted the value of such inducements as being a legitimate part of his Client's proportion in the negotiations.  The Principal has always and shall always avoid being on "both sides of a deal".  Such conflicts of interest benefit nobody.

Normally, The Principal will work alone with most Clients since a Confidentiality Agreement will be in force, however, where necessary, a Team approach can be handled since the Principal has worked alongside other teams including one provided by a major accounting firm which had been appointed for a large professional consultancy but was itself unable to provide the specialist services available from the Principal.

In general, the Principal will meet with a prospective Client to discuss, informally, the nature of an enquiry.  Provided a meeting can be arranged near to our offices, no charge will be made for such a meeting however, if significant travel and related costs are involved, we would seek reimbursement for reasonable out-of-pocket expenditure and a small contribution for our time.  At the conclusion of such a meeting, the Principal would determine whether or not he could provide a service which would potentially benefit the Client.  If matters are positive, our standard Terms and Conditions would be discussed, and if agreement to these arises, then we would proceed to establish the Confidentiality Agreement as the first stage, followed by the creation of the detailed Contract of Engagement and the development of a Schedule of Work to be commenced by both parties.

Please also note that, where appropriate, BDBD, in a normal commercial manner, does pay a fee for legitimate professional Introductions to potential Clients.  For details regarding this, please see the Associateships & Introducers Fee Page