Business, Corporate, & Strategic Plans to raise Private Equity Finance via Venture Capital & Bank Loans with Profit Improvements studies and full Management Audit, providing Financial Ratios for Control to achieve Corporate Turnarounds.

The BDBD Business Planning Service

The BDBD Business Planning Service is directed toward the provision of assistance to a Client in the development of a full business review culminating in a business plan to raise the appropriate level and mix of capital funding, both equity and debt, to make the business a success.

Our review takes in the totality of the business and is provided under a programme of timetabled activities agreed at the outset with the Client.

Advantages of Our Service

Our own objective is to associate with quality clients.
In simple terms, we consider such a client to be one who or which:
Seeks to give a high quality product or service
Gives the fullest attention to his or her or its business
 Ensures he or she or it has the most efficient workforce

                  with good employee relations                   
Uses the most appropriate equipment and assets
Is fully aware of his or her or its marketplace, competition and pricing options
Seeks an adequate level of financing

Where there are areas of deficiency in any of the above qualities, we stand ready to assist our clients

identify these and to make improvements to the required standard.
Such a Client has a better chance of success and is worthy of the best of assistance.  Our role, in short, is to help the Client evaluate and determine his or her or its "best" options and to assist in the achievement of these.

The BDBD Business Planning Service is a comprehensive approach which includes not only analysis and advice, but also involves "grooming" the client for the due diligence of a prospective investor, and which culminates in introducing the client to appropriate investors and assisting with negotiations.

The BDBD Business Planning Service
Summary of Benefits to Our Clients

1        Briefing on Service
2        Detailed Contract
3        Programme of Activities and Events
4        Cost Known from Outset
5        Payment Spread over Period
6        Guidance on General Improvements via a full Management Audit
7        Assistance with obtaining and reviewing Mainstream Market Research
8        Review of Suitable Investors
9        Guidance for Due Diligence
10      Our Ongoing Involvement as Promoter

Services Offered To Clients


All Contracts performed by me will be implemented solely under the Jurisdiction of Scots Law.


If a Client, being a Private Limited Company, obtains a significant investment for a reasonable equity stake, it would be normal to expect that enterprise to change its scale into that of a PLC so that it may obtain the Investor’s exit route via a Placement at which time, it will also obtain additional development capital to continue the growth plans first established by our assisted Business Planning Service.  This generally means that we would anticipate the Executive Management Team to be both groomed for the Investor’s Due Diligence and also to lay the foundation for further Team Development from around the mid-point of the investment period – say within years three to four.

The methodology to lay the foundation for this is housed within our extensive Management Audit Service which is built around our copyrighted Management Audit Questionnaires and Worksheets – designed to enable both Core Team Development and to assist in Testing Departmental efficiencies using both weighting of cost factors and to integrate readily with our Financial Planning Models so that “what-if” scenarios can be implemented to produce clear financial results for all major operational strategies.

These dedicated Questionnaires and Worksheets number up to twenty, and also one single and vital worksheet, that of Competitor Assessment, has been developed over three separate Forms running in total into seven pages – to be implemented for each Competitor of Substance.  It is, therefore, a hugely important operation and one which will become a vital asset for your Company’s future Survival and Development.  These forms of analysis will be complimented by our guidance in establishing a general system of market-sector information gathering to cover, Competitors, Customers and Suppliers so that both problems and opportunities may be anticipated rather than being encountered from a position of ignorance.

We also give considerable guidance on effective Team Development which focusses attention on the specific Meetings to be arranged with your future Investors.  To do this, you will also find that our Financial Planning Models permit a significant level of testing prior to committing to a particular final strategy as the financial foundation of the Business Plan.  We would also arrange for our initial investigation to highlight any initial Strategic Gap which could be immediately improved upon, and whenever necessary, also in consultation with your Auditors before any accounting measurement change arises as a result. Thereafter, and following our normal procedures, we would arrive at a Final Proposal, however, our Financial Model will certainly highlight for the Investor, how the Core Business would develop into the future on its present unimproved basis.  These results would then be Augmented by an additional Financial Report which would demonstrate the improvements already being implemented by the existing Management Team, and finally, a Second Augmentation would add the third Financial Projection of the results which would become attributable to the planned Investment to be made as a result of the Business Plan and would, therefore, create the “raison d’etre” for the investment to be made. With our tried and tested approach, all members of the Executive who will be expected to meet with proposed Investors, will be able to speak with confidence and on an informed basis with any Investor, thereby providing immediate evidence to the Investor that his or her financial commitment will be in the good and reliable hands of a capable Executive Team.

Finally, to give you an appreciation of the scale and scope of our Financial Models, the final projection, encompassing the Core and two Augmentations referred to above, actually covers a five year period and runs to 30 A3 pages which also include Sources and Applications of Funds Statements as well as Balance Sheets and Revenue Accounts, all of which are fully analysed with accompanying Revenue Performance Graphs and Balance Sheet Pie Charts.  In order also to assist all Parties maintain a meaningful invigilation of future performance, all Financial Ratios, 29 in number, are presented for the entire period in Graphical Form, thereby making it easy to determine the Business Plan's adherence to all previously described Strategies and outlined performance Goals.  Naturally, such a totality of information is not included within the final Business Plan Document, to ensure confidentiality, but is available for both the Executive Teams ongoing control and the Investor's initial appraisal with the intention of allaying any initial concerns from the outset.

As an experienced business consultant as evidenced throughout this entire website, I am keen to assist Clients in any way from the provision of Cost and Profits Improvement Studies, via individual assignments, right up to acting as an experienced Non-Executive Director on a retainer basis.  The core service that I am able both to provide and also to draw upon for elements of the two foregoing Service categories, is that of a full Business Planning Service in keeping with my extensive professional experience in Executive Line Management Roles and my success during periods when, as a Consultant, I participated in corporate turnaround situations.  I therefore provide the following presentation of the advantages of implementing this particular service, but stress that I will always be pleased to discuss any other challenging assignment.