Business, Corporate, & Strategic Plans to raise Private Equity Finance via Venture Capital & Bank Loans with Profit Improvements studies and full Management Audit, providing Financial Ratios for Control to achieve Corporate Turnarounds.

Our Financial Modelling takes into account the fact that each Client Company is fully engaged in its daily business.  Our models are, therefore, designed to be robust and to permit the integration of full sets of management accounting data.  On top of that, they are designed to also permit adjustment for partial operational periods and to assist with determining the potential outcomes of management remedial actions, perhaps arising during the Management Audit process in the form of "what-if" projected results. 

Furthermore, each model permits comparisons to Market Sector Performance Data as provided by organisations such as Dun & Bradstreet.  We also recommend that each Client Company should select a "Model Company" whose accounting performance is one which the Client might wish to emulate.  In this way, we can assist the Client to "track" their own planned performance against the template of a worthy target organisation.  When such an approach is accompanied by the "intelligence gathering" systems we advocate, the Financial Modelling operations becomes highly valuable since it is matched against the performance of an identifiable enterprise, and is not merely an average performance for the market sector in which the Client operates.

The final Financial Models are built up from a projection into the future for the core operations before investment and management improvements are incorporated. Then we incorporate the potential effects of the proposed management improvements to highlight their effectiveness prior to other planned major changes, and finally, we compute the potential outcomes of the planned investment to be sought so that this can be demonstrated directly in a highlighted format to any potential investor, before ultimately, deriving a fully consolidated set of Financial Projections in the form of Pro-Forma Accounts for a five year period into the future with each of the specific three significant parts also shown separately within the process. 

Each completed Financial Model also presents direct comparisons against targeted Component Ratio Analysis, plus the full range of Financial Performance Ratios (29 in total) are mapped in graphic form to demonstrate the future key managerial pointers regarding whether or not the Executive Team is fully in control under the proposed Financial Performance as laid down within the Business Plan. The final integrated models also contain pie charts and histograms to demonstrate the degree of adherence to, or variance from, commencement financial targets for particular segments of the financial reports.  These depictions can also be used as a "what-if" tool during the ultimate financial planning phase, immediately prior to utilising extracts for inclusion within the Business Plan to be presented to Investors.

Finally, since all of this ECourse has been prepared using Microsoft Office therefore, with the text being produced in Word document format, and the Financial Models being produced in Excel worksheet format, this should permit an easy distribution to future clients.  As well as these two formats, my additional Activity and Time Control System, the COG Plan, makes use of the Adobe Acrobat format and, specifically, runs perfectly with the Acrobat Reader DC which is free to download from the Adobe website

Information About Our Financial Planning Models