Business, Corporate, & Strategic Plans to raise Private Equity Finance via Venture Capital & Bank Loans with Profit Improvements studies and full Management Audit, providing Financial Ratios for Control to achieve Corporate Turnarounds.

For those interested, I also have personal profiles under David Treasurer on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Skype  to permit me to maintain professional and commercial contacts.  For specific links, please see the Contacts page.

Please Note:  Where validation of my certification is required for an assignment or appointment, I can provide, as necessary, a PDF copy of any or all of my 42+ certificates and letters of reference covering all schooling, college, university and professional studies for 9 Institutes as well as previous Line Management Roles to evidence my consistent efforts to develop my knowledge and managerial capabilities , however, I will only provide these to authentic and validated enquirers and then, only for a genuine and identifiable assignment, in relation to which, I have been provided with sufficient information to permit me to express a qualified interest.

Principals Profile:

Please Note: 

Whilst I am generally seeking Non-Executive Directorship roles, I am still willing to consider any appropriate Operational Directorship roles or Appropriate Executive Management Roles for which you may feel I would fit well to satisfy your needs.         

Please see my extensive Personal Profile on this website to see if any part of my experience is relevant to your needs.:   


David Treasurer - Principal

Company Name BDBD - Business Development By Design

Dates Employed 1983 – Present

Employment Duration 40 years 

Location: Scotland, United Kingdom - but ready and able to travel if assignment suitable.

Please Note:  Throughout my career, travel has been a constant factor therefore distance is not a barrier to the provision of a successful service arrangement.