For those interested, I also have a very short personal profile under David E Treasurer on Facebook  and again, a very short Profile on LinkedIn to maintain professional and commercial contacts

The Strategic Planning Service for full Research, Analysis & Advice to raise venture capital & debt finance with help in management audit & financial projections

Please Note:  Where validation of my certification is required for an assignment or appointment, I can provide, as necessary, a PDF copy of any of my 25+ certificates and letters of reference from previous Line Management Roles, however, I will only provide these to authentic and validated enquirers and then, only for a genuine and identifiable assignment.

Principals Profile:

David Treasurer - Principal

Company Name BDBD - Business Development By Design

Dates Employed 1983 – Present

Employment Duration 34 years 

Location: Scotland, United Kingdom - but ready and able to travel if assignment suitable.

Please Note:  Throughout my career, travel has been a constant factor therefore distance is not a barrier to the provision of a successful service arrangement.