Business, Corporate, & Strategic Plans to raise Private Equity Finance via Venture Capital & Bank Loans with Profit Improvements studies and full Management Audit, providing Financial Ratios for Control to achieve Corporate Turnarounds.

Before going further, may I just state that in respect to Business Networking Relationships, I am a firm believer in the concept of Reciprocity - the reciprocation of mutual trading benefits and introductions, whenever possible and appropriate.

Introduction Fees can be paid to Associates for appropriate successful professional introductions to potential clients, subject to prior agreement.

Associateships & Introducers Fees

Please Note:  Introduction Fees may be between 10% and 15% of Fees earned by BDBD.  These may be provided either as a direct income to the person providing the Introduction, or alternatively, may be presented to your own Clients as a Discount on BDBD's Fees as an incentive for that Client to conclude their own purchase arrangement directly with you.

The 10% level is always in relation to an "arms-length" introduction whereby you notify us of a potential client's willingness to hear from us. 

The 15% level is always in response to a "professional introduction" whereby you would directly participate within the Introduction and assist with the discussions around a Brief for the Service which, in your opinion, might be of value to your own Client.

Please also be aware that BDBD is willing to consider an ongoing "Independent Professional Associateship for potential Introductions".  A separate Agreement can be formulated to satisfy both of our needs in this regard.

For those who might wish to seek an Associateship, the following information is provided.

Assuming a future mutual relationship, I have purchased a number Domain Names which are all interrelated

and link into the one website presently in use.

At present, these Active Domain Names total 29 in number
and I have plans to add a few more for strategic reasons

I have purchased this range of Domain names, all of which are directed into our website which is  to ensure that the Brand identity, as it is developed further, cannot be contaminated by other persons establishing one of these alternative domain names, thereby raising the potential for confusion.  If any client should forget the appropriate suffix for the website, any of the alternative domain names being used should bring that client to the operational website anyway.

With regard to one of these Domain Names: BDBDCORP. ASSOCIATES; this is to permit willing and suitably qualified persons to Associate with me to promote our mutual skills and service offering.  It is my intention that as I complete the final stages of my writing and E-Course development, to arrange for a Marketing Launch using Facebook Advertising, and I have already made the initial investment and preparations for this with a very experienced and successful operator in this field.

Any person wishing to be included within that Launch advertising campaign, should notify me so that we may agree mutually, his or her involvement.  This will include each person qualifying to agree with the spirit of the undernoted Code of Ethics and will enable them also to be registered on the upcoming BDBD Associates website.  I will be offering a material discount for such persons, which will also lock in for them, a similar discount on the price of the whole Course and materials associated for all of their future Clients.  On top of that offer, they will also receive a full copy of the Cog Plan system to assist them in the future with Time and Activity Management, including full sets of permanent Diaries.  The Cog Plan system is described within the present website. 

For your information, I plan to offer the complete E-Course system, with full sets of Financial Models capable of performing “what-if” scenarios” accompanied by full sets of my private Questionnaires to enable the full Management Audit operation to be completed, all for a single unit price which will be less than I would charge for half-a-days professional work.   In other words, nominated and identified Associates will pay less than the eventual price plus they will benefit from being a part of the Facebook Advertising Campaign. 

The eventual price and discount levels will be decided after

I have consulted with advisors regarding the strategy to be followed within the Facebook Marketing Campaign.


Such commitment will not arise until I have completed all of my work to my own satisfaction, and at present, the essential elements of the E-Course have been completed and it remains only for me to write some of the lesser ancillary smaller chapters, but as it stands, the core strategic chapters are finished.  I am also more than half-way through the consolidation of these completed chapters into a single volume whilst simultaneously, finishing the proof-reading and indexation of the entire work.  FYI, each individual chapter has the main text, plus all of the key points and arguments made are then summarised in précis-form, followed by individual end-of-chapter indexation summaries so that both revision and later searches for relevant information may be made easier for all readers.  The final master index will consist of these end-of-chapter indexation summaries so that no time may be wasted in finding the relevant page or section of the E-Course that you may be interested in at that future time.


I anticipate that some of my fellow associates on LinkedIn may wish to avail themselves of this opportunity for mutual promotion and I should, I think, tell you at this time, that one of the chapters does specifically recommend that any small business client should actually seek out a suitable experienced person to assist them with the tasks of business planning, particularly where it may involve seeking some institutional venture capital investment.  This E-Course specifically assists with that task and can help to convert the potentially disastrous failure rate of 97% into a success rate of around 85%  provided, that is, that market growth is predicted within the particular type of Market Research reports this E-Course advocates should be obtained by such Clients.


As time passes, a website specifically for all accepted Associates will be established to permit all such persons to inter-relate in the resolution of potential problems on behalf of their Clients as well as to seek Team Collaboration where such might be helpful.  In other words, a further step along the line towards mutual work and collaboration between those persons who would wish for such a facility whilst not making it mandatory on any party. The advantage here will be that all will be in possession of a master “Tool-kit” in the form of the E-Course, the contents List presently planned being described within the present website, although the finalised Contents List could be subject to change during the development of the complete E-Course to ensure topics are kept as up to date and relevant as possible.   At the appropriate time, as individual Associates apply and are accepted, their identities will be shown within this, our present website - – thereby permitting any small business owner or advisor to verify their relationship to this offering and their respective endorsements of the BDBDCORP CODE OF ETHICS listed below. Such listing will not, however, arise until all concerned have agreed that the time is right for them

Code of Ethics:   Version for

All BDBD Associates are invited to utilise the following standards as their minimum Code for the conduct of all of their business advisory operations.

1.....Shall conduct themselves in a manner which will merit the respect of the community for persons engaged in a professional capacity;

2….Shall uphold the reputation of the Firm and its recognised Associates by acting at all times in a manner which any reasonable person might expect from a suitably qualified person who practices their profession in the same or equivalent field.

3.....Shall carry out their professional duties responsibly and with integrity;

4.....Shall collect and present facts without bias, and not permit personal views to influence judgement, interpretation, analysis and presentation;

5.....Shall not discuss with or disclose to any person not authorised by the client or delegated representative, any information, data, result, report or proposal arising from the assignment, nor cause or allow confidential information to be misused or to be published in any way without the permission of the client;

6.....Shall not use information acquired during any previous assignment which in any way could be detrimental to their former client;

7.....Shall not receive any undisclosed material benefits other than normal emoluments from any recommendation made in the course of duty.

8.....Shall not disclose the identity of Clients, either present or past, in order to influence positively, the placing of an Assignment with the Firm or themselves personally.

I wish you all the very best with all of your work, and I look forward to some fruitful years working alongside many of you as colleagues in assisting the smaller entrepreneurs succeed with their plans.

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