The Deadly Statistics

Two Deadly Statistics Exist:

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Number One:   For more than seventy years, within both the USA and the UK, it has been recognised that between 80% and 90% of all new-start enterprises fail totally within three years.  Next to nothing has been done to remedy such a significant level of economic wastage, other than to attempt to mask the reality by altering, periodically, the way in which the statistics are reported. Indeed, recently I was informed by a US source that after five years from inception, around 95% of all new-start enterprises will have failed.

Number Two:  Although most Venture Capital Operators will tell you that there is no shortage of funding (which is true to a degree), nevertheless, it appears to be the case that the success rate for most enterprises which seek such investment is actually only around 3%, of which: one-third will not do too well;  one-third will perform adequately; and the final one-third will out-perform all others.  These statistics were confirmed by a very highly-placed Venture Capital Executive from one of the leading international organisations in the field, and such outcomes seem to have remained consistent over the years. 


The reasons for this situation are explored and presented within the upcoming Ecourse and are generally, understandable.  The Ecourse is designed, therefore, to assist Clients avoid failure by following a tried and tested approach which is laid out more like a “flight simulator” rather than the type of “747 flight checklist” approach which most of the business planning advisory books seem to advocate.