Update on the information provided within the Planned Contents List for the New ECourse with regard to my new comprehensive system for Time and Activity Management Control referred to below the said Planned Contents List:   

My system, which I have called the “Cog Plan – Activity Control System” and for which I already own a suite of domain names, has now been developed into a digital system, consisting of 95 Forms with fields permitting data input, copying, printing and of course, saving into working directories.  There are also 5 different Indices and Explanatory Notes for the system, plus there are 14 distinct Diary Portfolios to cover each year based upon the day of the week upon which any specific year starts, and whether it is a Leap Year or not.

All Forms developed for this ancillary system can be utilised with the contemporary versions of Acrobat Reader which can be obtained free of charge from Adobe Systems Incorporated on request.  Every Form developed may be completed digitally and may also be printed out in A4 or A5 paper sizes, or may be saved into separate menus of your own choosing.

Furthermore, because you can use Acrobat Reader to open and complete each Form, it is possible to create a Password Security for each Form and Diary with which security facility, every Form can be Encrypted by Adobe Acrobat using 128 bit encryption.  Two passwords are assigned to each Form, one to provide the Permissions (stated above) which I will grant the user whilst still protecting my own IP.  The second is the Password which will be provided to those who request the Cog Plan – Activity Control System, to provide the encryption security protection.

FYI, COG stands for Cognitive Optimum Generation and was actually developed at a time when I was busy working with a variety of business clients and needed to ensure that I was covering all aspects of the range of services for each that I had contracted to provide.  It is, therefore, both a Business and Project Management Control System but it also merges Personal, Family and Domestic issues which require to be given time and attention on a par with business and work matters.

The newly digitised version, with the encryption facility, should also prove useful for the new GDPR, which is the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, our own successor to the Data Protection Act which is due to be implemented with effect from the 25th May 2018 throughout Europe including the United Kingdom. In particular, with regard to that specific set of regulations, I have added two data-collection forms precisely for this regulation: the first being a detailed Customer Information Form which can hold the complete data for two customers on each separate page; and the second being a Telephone and Contact Information List .  With the encryption embodying a very strong password, and with each Form being held in a digital format but stored Off-Line so that hackers cannot successfully target the small company and pilfer the customer’s data, SME’s should be able to avoid the liabilities which the new regulations would impose upon them if such hackers were to manage to steal such valuable customer information.  It should also be observed that the risk is not limited to banking and accounting data.  It would appear that all manner of strategic information which your customers may place a value upon and wish it to remain generally restricted could, should you permit it to be released without your customer's consent, bring you into a position of failure under the terms of the new regulations.  Again, further Memo forms are available within my new system which may also be encrypted and kept securely apart from your online activities, and indeed, all forms contained within this system may be encrypted at any time consistent with your own security preferences .

At present, I am concluding a revision of the Explanatory Notes for the system and updating these to cover the digital elements and explaining the flexibility of the overall system.  When I have concluded these revisions, I shall then be ready to provide the Cog Plan – Activity Control System to interested parties

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